Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Understanding Raw Food...and Detox

A friend just shared this VERY good article, Raw Food: Healthy Simplicity that I think everyone should read.  It sums up the raw food lifestyle and helps answer some basic questions that often come up.  So as I re-embark on this journey I thought it would be appropriate timing to share. :)

So far this lifestyle is way more fun and relaxed to do since I've already been through this!  I have learned some things to avoid and other things I need to make sure to do.  One of those things I am prepared for is the detox phase.  I remember feeling tired, hungry (because I didn't eat frequently enough) and sprinkled with a dash of feeling just a tad miserable overall.  But it's worth it because it passes and then the reward comes!

The Raw Foods Witch (taking the spooky out of raw food magick) explains what detox can look like in this blog entry.  I think she articulated the process very well - much better than I could!  I've also added a link to her blog on the right side of my blog for future reference.

Off to get some beauty rest...also very important when going through a detox (of any kind, really!).

Sunday, May 22, 2011


...who's baaaccckkkk!


A newly re-invigorated and trying to get re-focused me. 

I have now lived my old "normal" lifestyle (i.e. SAD diet) for about 5 months now.  And I feel terrible - both physically and emotionally. :(

I knew this was the trouble of giving myself some leeway.  I won't get into the details at this time, but basically I am choosing to go back to eating raw vegan.  I feel worse than I have in months and I KNOW it's because of my diet. 

I knew there was a reason I didn't actually delete this blog!  I was recounting to Ry some of my experiences from those 5 months of eating solely raw vegan and I basically reminded myself of all the GOOD and it made me question my current behavior. 

I have learned a lot from my experience that began last summer and now I know some things that I need to watch/do differently this time around.  I think a piece that was extremely helpful was me being 'raw' (ha!) in terms of sharing my experience on this blog.  It helped me stay focused and helped me processs thoughts and feelings about all of it. 

So join me if you will as I restart my raw vegan the first time, I don't know what this will look like.  Obviously I now know what I can expect but even though I thought I had learned all the things I needed to before, I was obviously not right about that.  There is a different slant to my purpose this time around, so off I go!